About Kristen

About Kristen

Kristen has been on the Poudre School Board since November of 2017, and has been a champion of equity, education and excellence. She works at the Poudre River Public Library District, and has been a long time volunteer and Board member for PFLAG and The Center for Family Outreach.

Kristen has 2 kids who went to Tavelli Elementary and Lesher Middle School. Her oldest graduated in 2016 from IB in Poudre High School and went on to get a BS in Biology with a minor in chemistry from Portland State University. Kristen's youngest graduated in 2019 from Poudre Community Academy and is currently studying Criminal Justice at Metropolitan State University in Denver.

Kristen has been a recipient of public education from kindergarten through her Masters - including a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from University of Massachusetts and an MA in Educational Media and Technology from University of Northern Colorado.

Kristen started volunteering in PSD at Channel 10 in 1996 and went on to include classroom volunteer, PTO president at Tavelli Elementary, and Board of Education Director since 2017. Kristen has been volunteering with PFLAG since 2014, including 2 years as PFLAG President, and has been on the board of the Center for Family Outreach for the last 4 years.

For the past 15 years, Kristen's job at the Poudre River Public Library has brought her from Harmony Library on the FRCC campus to Old Town Library, where she serves as the Digital Literacy Librarian, bringing digital equity to all of our patrons. You can often find Kristen there helping people in the computer lab.

Achievements from Kristen's past 4 years on the Board include:

  • Hiring Brian Kingsley as Superintendent in 2021

    • Bringing a focus on equity throughout our education system, including but not limited to curriculum, student achievement, opportunity gaps, student experiences in and out of the classrooms, and much more.

  • Passing mill levy override in 2019 for mental health and teacher pay increase

  • School Resource Officer overview

    • This increased key oversight by Board, made clearer standard operating procedures for all staff and SRO's, and allowed for student feedback regarding interactions with their SRO's.

  • Opening of Bamford Elementary

  • Timanth and Wellington Middle/High Schools on track to open on time and on budget

  • High School later start to improve mental health

  • Getting back to education in person

    • No one likes masks. We can say that with confidence. However, nearly every student, teacher, parent and staff member prefers having school in person. Being able to see friends, go to sporting events, participate in clubs, music classes, theater rehearsals, or just plain hang out at school are some of the many benefits, not to mention increased learning opportunities. While PSD will be evaluating the mask mandate at least quarterly, with masks, we will have fewer outbreaks and quarantines, which means students will have more in person learning opportunities throughout the year.

Plans for the Future:

  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

    • As a proud parent of a member of the LGBTQIA community, it is Kristen's job to stand up and protect students and staff to make them feel included and let them know they belong in PSD.

  • Keeping the Budget Balanced

    • The budget has been balanced the past 4 years while Kristen has served on the Board of Directors and she plans to continue that trend into the next 4 years.

    • Responsibly using "one-time use" funds received for COVID relief to ensure a secure budget next year.

  • Excellence in PSD

    • Bringing the Poudre School District to the next level of excellence.